A Beautiful Weekend For Saving Seeds

The weather has been simply awesome here in West Michigan this weekend.  Made it easy to spend more time in the garden; in spite of the fact that the grandsons were here for the weekend.  They did “help” me with some seed saving; Ollie actually processed a few pak choi pods with me while Gabe used the spent stalks for a light sabre.  Pretty good considering Ollie is 6 and Gabe is 2.

pak choi seed saving1   pak choi seed saving2   pak choi seed saving3

We rolled the pods between our fingers into a colander that sits on a 2 1/2 quart Revere Ware pot; then shuffle the colander to and fro over the pot till all the seeds have fallen through.  Then it’s time to discard the chaff and start again till all the pods have been emptied. out.  I’ll run the seeds through the colander a couple more times to get the big chunks out.  Doesn’t hurt anything to have a little “pod dust” in the final product, which I poured into a smaller ceramic bowl.  That will sit on top of the fridge for a few days to let the seeds dry a bit more.  Final step is to put them in a paper envelope and then into the fridge they go until spring planting time.

2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Weekend For Saving Seeds

  1. Dorothy (Mom)

    Some one posted on facebook that squash leaves are good to eat. I had never heard of that before. Do you eat the leaves???

  2. Ken Hansen Post author

    I haven’t tried them yet… we have other greens we’re “hooked on,” Swiss chard, wild cabbage, and turnip greens for example. However after that post I did some digging on the interwebs and found that many cultures do eat them; especially when the leaves are young.

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